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Michael Bates is a computer expert from Washington. Johnny is an software engineer. At the moment he works as a system administrator. Articles on topics range from home networks to wireless networks to Internet security, software and others.

9 most useful programs of a family budget

Personal income and expenses to follow are quite simple. The family budget is already a full-fledged accounting in which you need to consider all sources of funds and the interests of each. Androidpride has prepared a selection of…

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Reason Why The Stock Market Is Doing So Poorly

I have often been approached by, and read reviews by, individuals who claim that most people should just “buy an index fund” when they are trying to decide how to invest for their future. I’ve hinted at that…

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7 Important Tips to Super Charge your Credit Score

If you are planning to take a loan someday, the number one thing that will matter for you is your credit score. Maybe it’s not bad, but it can be better. It is time to look into the…

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Inflation Is A Big Concern – More Than Saving Money?

Boomers and current retirees share a deepening concern about soaring costs. Pre-retirees and retirees also worry about protecting the value of their assets from inflation, having enough money to pay for long term care, paying for adequate health…

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Saving Money Is Not Optional

An unspoken assumption held by many people is that “saving money is optional”. “I know I need to save money,” says a client, “but I just don’t have anything left over at the end of the month”. Think…

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Life Insurance: Myths & Facts

Life insurance has become this excruciatingly difficult topic for most people. It’s not fun to think about, it’s not fun to talk about. And, it’s not fun to buy. It’s a financial product that you purchase that provides…

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