9 most useful programs of a family budget

Personal income and expenses to follow are quite simple. The family budget is already a full-fledged accounting in which you need to consider all sources of funds and the interests of each. Androidpride has prepared a selection of programs that will help you to understand the jungle of the family’s finances.

For practical use of the application must be multi-user and come under different operating systems so that each family member could make changes in real time. For the access of several people, the developers usually offer to pay.

My mind on my

The application prepares a detailed report on the total budget and shows the individual expenses. Every member of the family can comment on your spending. “My mind on my”allows you to configure the recognition of SMS from the Bank and automatically records the movement of funds. Accounting can be maintained in different currencies and on different accounts. From prying eyes, the app is protected by a password and PIN code.

Many features of the app, including the ability to connect multiple users, depends on the availability of a subscription to the service website.


To manage finances is possible with the help of mobile application or web version of the service. The developers claim that CoinKeeper allows you to deal with the cash flow of the family, and with the budget of a small firm. The application supports the import operations of more than 150 banks in Russia, recognizes the cost of SMS. You can set reminders for the repayment of debt and a limit on spending during the reporting period.


The application supports nearly 200 currencies, including cryptocurrencies 30, and continuously updates course. Imports data from a file online Bank, recalls the need to make spending in the corresponding columns automatically synchronized with the website. To monitor the budget will help funny monsters. For conservatives, the app generates reports in PDF, Excel and Google Docs.


The developers call their financial services Navigator in the browser and on mobile and promise personal Finance, import and synchronization operations from more than 200 banks in ten countries, including Russia. The app allows you to anticipate expenses and plan a budget for short and long term. For the opportunity to use the whole family will have to pay 149 rubles per month.

Alzex Finance

The program allows you to create each user an account. Because of this each family member can choose which movements to make available to all, and which to hide. Tree tag system allows taking into account the costs of large and small categories. The application can monitor the debt and set financial goals.

Home bookkeeping

The app allows you to keep track of expenditure and income on all currencies in the world, and you can simultaneously use any two. All data is synchronized with the PC application. Available the portable version of the program that is installed on a flash drive. Write each family member are password-protected. For full functionality, the program will have to pay 990 rubles.

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